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Chakra Jewellery

Spinning & Wish Rings

Spinning and wish rings by Charlottes Web Jewellery

Discover our stunning selection of Silver Spinning Rings, inspired by ancient Tibetan prayer wheels and handmade in India exclusively for Charlotte’s Web.
Spinning rings, also referred to as meditation rings, motion rings, worry rings, and anxiety rings have been used for centuries in mantra techniques to relieve anxiety, calm the mind, and soothe the soul; their repetitive spinning motion instantly relaxing the spirit.
Adored by members of Charlotte’s Web Tribe, our Spinning Rings are handmade, with ethically sourced gemstones, designed to empower with intricate designs and vibrant gemstones that quietly demand attention. Each of our spin rings is unique, just like the woman who wears it, and many models can be customised with the birthstones of your choice to create the perfect personalised jewellery gift.
Our handmade silver spinning rings are timeless in design, coordinating effortlessly with everyday ensembles. Each ring tells a story, with you as its narrator.