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Kiva & Zen Bridal Devon now stock the crazy beautiful crystal jewellery, spinning rings, wish rings, chakra necklaces, anklets, toe rings & earrings from the incredible UK jewellery designer and incredibly talented Charlottes Web.

Inspired by a thousand journeys, a love of life, a free-spirited soul, Charlotte’s Web Jewellery captures imaginations with its vibrant display of precious metals, unique handmade designs, and brilliant gemstones that uplift and empower with a veritable rainbow of colours.

Created by Charlotte Howarth, the creative energy behind Charlotte’s Web, this bespoke jewellery collection is a celebration of different cultures and continents. A celebration of life. It weaves magic into the hearts of those who wear it while making a decorative addition to everyday ensembles. It’s enchanting, evocative, and effortlessly beautiful.