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Kiva and Zen Bridal Devon offer an amazing collection of dresses for #Devonbrides, #ExeterBrides, #SomersetBrides and Topsham Brides. Looking for their dream wedding dress in a bridal shop that provides all of their wedding day needs. Be you a #bohobride, #classicbride, #coastalbride, #modernbride, if your a new bride to be then come see us at our new Southwest Devon bridal boutique for supreme bridal dress inspo and guidance to find the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

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Charlottes Web Jewellery


Kiva & Zen Bridal Devon now stock the crazy beautiful crystal jewellery, spinning rings, wish rings, chakra necklaces, anklets, toe rings & earrings from the incredible UK jewellery designer and incredibly talented Charlottes Web.

Inspired by a thousand journeys, a love of life, a free-spirited soul, Charlotte’s Web Jewellery captures imaginations with its vibrant display of precious metals, unique handmade designs, and brilliant gemstones that uplift and empower with a veritable rainbow of colours.

Created by Charlotte Howarth, the creative energy behind Charlotte’s Web, this bespoke jewellery collection is a celebration of different cultures and continents. A celebration of life. It weaves magic into the hearts of those who wear it while making a decorative addition to everyday ensembles. It’s enchanting, evocative, and effortlessly beautiful.